Remarkable Parish Churches

St Peter & Paul on the Ufnau island in Lake Zurich (Switzerland) used to be the mother church of the entire region. People had to access services via boat or a wooden foot bridge. From the 14th century onwards, chapels like Freienbach separated to form their own parishes, but St Peter & Paul continues to serve as a pilgrimage site and a popular choice for weddings. Picture: Beat Kümin.

A note outside Sta Maria Assunta at Levi near Stresa in northern Italy records an ecclesiastical directive of 1759 reminding locals that parochial services and sacraments can only be offered in this church, suggesting some tensions with dependent chapels. Photo: Beat Kümin.

Among all the Baroque splendour of its surroundings, the high altar of the city parish of St Jakob, Innsbruck / Austria (now serving as a cathedral) contains a ‘Mary and Child’ painting by Lucas Cranach the Elder from the mid-sixteenth century. Picture: Beat Kümin

Impressions from Berkswell, venue of the
Ninth Warwick Symposium on Parish Research
Saturday 25 May 2013. Pic source.

St Helier

For the ecclesiastical and secular role of
Jersey parish churches like St Helier (above)
see this post.

Greenock nr Glasgow Old West Kirk 1591 moved 1926 (Laird John Shaw crest + staircase)
Parish churches needn’t be fixed to the spot, as examples
from Scotland and South Africa exemplify.

Ansicht v See m Pfarrhaus
St Albin at Ermatingen (Thurgau/Switzerland) has a good
claim to the title of European biconfessionality champion.

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