Julie McNeill

How did you learn about My-Parish?


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What aspects of parish life, culture and heritage most interest you?

art and imagery, genealogy and family history, households and the domestic environment, music and drama, ritual, devotion and religious change

Which regions most interest you?

British Isles

What resources or experiences were most influential in shaping your parish interests?

I fleshed out the family tree via Ancestry and a variety of marvellous links concerning the political and social lives of women leading up to the English Civil War.
Books on Cromwell and the Interregnum have been enlightening – missing gap in my English education of the 1970's.

With what parish or parishes do you feel the strongest connection and why?

The Stepney Parish registers has records of christenings, marriage and burials of my maternal Clark line of Shipwrights and Ropers. I am intrigued by the Independents and non-conformists splinter groups of the Church of England. Learning about non-conformity in the ancestral past has become a passion as the spiritual and constitutional conflicts in my present(Australian Republican).