Wendy Barnes


Local History Society

How did you learn about My-Parish?

Warwick Symposium on Parish Research

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What aspects of parish life, culture and heritage most interest you?

agriculture and the economy, archeology and architecture, gender and the family, genealogy and family history, households and the domestic environment, landscapes and pilgrimage, officeholding and local government, preservation and memory, ritual, devotion and religious change, the clergy

Which regions most interest you?

British Isles

What resources or experiences were most influential in shaping your parish interests?

My interest in local history was re-awakened by the Church building, a late Anglo-Saxon Round Tower Church – it seemed so unlikely a survival in such a tiny parish. Help and support Dr Mark Bailey and Dr David Dymond (during my MSt in English Local Studies) further enthused me as did that of the late Peter Northeast – all three doyens of Suffolk local history,

With what parish or parishes do you feel the strongest connection and why?

Little Bradley, Suffolk – my home and subject of my study,