Marco Schnyder


University of Warwick / University of Geneva

How did you learn about My-Parish?

Word of mouth

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What aspects of parish life, culture and heritage most interest you?

archeology and architecture, art and imagery, genealogy and family history, households and the domestic environment, landscapes and pilgrimage, officeholding and local government, preservation and memory, ritual, devotion and religious change, towns and urban environment

Which regions most interest you?

France, Italian Peninsula, Mediterranean, Other, The Alpine Territories

What resources or experiences were most influential in shaping your parish interests?

On the one hand in my research I am often confronted with migrants who kept strong and intense ties with their homeland, including their parishes. On the other hand, I have been always struck by the countless evidences of migration still visible in urban and rural churches and chapels throughout the Ticino.

With what parish or parishes do you feel the strongest connection and why?

I feel strong connections with the parish of Santa Lucia in Massagno (Switzerland), where I grew up, and San Biagio in Ravecchia (Bellinzona, Switzerland), where I have got married. Another parish which is important for me is Ponto Valentino, in Blenio valley (Switzerland). Every year, on the third Sunday of July the feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel (Madonna del Carmelo) is celebrated with a mass and a procession accompanied by the Rosary brotherhood and a militia composed by the men of the village wearing nineteenth-century uniforms (the so-called “soldati della Madonna” or “Tradizionale milizia napoleonica”). Some friends who live (or have relatives) in the village made aware of this tradition: since then, I have taken part in this celebration whenever possible.