Doreen Agutter


Historian -Meriden; Individual researcher North and East Warwickshire c1300-c.1660; committee Eastern Green Society;Membership of the British Agricultural History Society; Monumental Brass Society; Northamptonshire Record Society, Bucks Record Society and Archaeology Society.

How did you learn about My-Parish?


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What aspects of parish life, culture and heritage most interest you?

agriculture and the economy, archeology and architecture, genealogy and family history, households and the domestic environment, landscapes and pilgrimage, ritual, devotion and religious change, the clergy

Which regions most interest you?

British Isles, Germany

What resources or experiences were most influential in shaping your parish interests?

A project in year 1 at grammar school on the region; read Warwickshire VCH vol 4 aged 14 and decided to write a parish history of Meriden then my home and founded a Local History group there; specialised in Archaeology and Landscape as part of University course; studied Tudor agraian history under Dr.Joan Thirsk; access to early documents when taught court hand by Mr M. Farr WCRO; post graduate study at Birmingham University- historical geography under Prof.Harry Thorpe..

With what parish or parishes do you feel the strongest connection and why?

Meriden. I grew up there and began a study aged 14. have an interest in all surrounding parishes as one does not study in a vacuum but preferably c 1300- c 1660 era; St Benedict, Bordesley where I worship. This Edwardian church was founded with funds in part from Mr Digby of Meriden Hall.