Virgin Mary / 13th century / Burford


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Current location: private collection

Acc.: n/a

Project ref.: Virgin Mary / 13th century / Burford

Material(s): oak

Dimensions: 216mm h. x 89mm w. x 76mm d.

Form: sculpture in the round (statuette)

Iconography: Virgin Mary enthroned 

Period: 13th century (early)

Place of recovery: England, South East, Burford

Probable origin: England, Oxfordshire

Probable context: parish church / altar image

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Surface: Heavy layer of purple-red (iron oxide) undercoat remaining from polychrome

 Condition: Head of Child and separately carved throne lost.

Provenance: Prior to 2011, private collection, Burford, Oxfordshire; thence to present owner.

Image credit(s): Don White, 2011.















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Reference Literature:


1. Enthroned Virgin and Child, English, elephant ivory, c. 1220 (Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe, 1893.199).

2. Seal of Merton Priory, wax, impressed 1241 (British Library, Cotton Charter XXI 25).

Image credit(s): Lessing Archive; British Library; St John’s College, Cambridge.