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Posts FAQs

What is a post?

Posts are how you communicate with the My-Parish community, a bit like tweets on Twitter. You can use them to showcase your research and interests, share images and recordings, or to blog about parish related activities. Posts show up in the ‘Latest news’ section of the website as soon as you publish them.

How do I create a post?

To create a post, hover the mouse over the ‘+ New’ button on the dashboard ribbon at the top of the page. Click ‘Post’ to be taken to the new post editor. When you have written your post, choose some categories for it on the right hand side. These are pre-defined categories that correspond to member interest categories, making it easier for members to find posts that interest them. You can also add your own tags on the right hand side. Tags are entirely free choice and can be used to identify posts more precisely.

What is “what’s new”?

On your profile page there is a box asking you “what’s new?” Posting in here is just like creating a post, only there are fewer options and there is no Rich Text Editor as with the main post creation option. Think of this box like a tweet or a ‘status update’. It can be used to quickly let your fellow My-Parishioners know what you have been researching, what you have found interesting, or anything else that might not need a full post.

Who can see my posts, and where can they be found?

All My-Parish members can see your posts. They are displayed initially on the ‘Latest posts’ tab of the main site. They are also displayed on your profile. If you have used tags or categories, your posts will be displayed under those categories under the search and filter functions. All posts have their own web address (URL), and can be shared with non-members by passing this address on.

What content can I upload?

You can upload any form of media in your posts, but please be aware that WordPress limits you to a maximum file size of 32MB. If you have any files you would like to display on the site, such as videos or podcasts that may be over this limit, please get in touch to discuss your needs. The administrators reserve the right to remove inappropriate uploaded material.

How can I upload files?

You can upload files by hovering over the ‘+ New’ button at the top of any page and clicking ‘Media’. Upload your file by clicking ‘Select files’ on this page, and selecting your file. Your file will then be uploaded to our media library. To link to this file, click ‘Edit’ next to your uploaded file. This will take you to a new screen, on the right hand side of which is a “File URL” that will begin “…”. Copy that URL and use it to link to your file in posts and elsewhere on the web.

Content FAQs

How can I feature my research/project on the site more prominently?

If you have a project that you would like to advertise to the wider community and feel it needs more space or prominence, email the administrators. We would be delighted to feature your project on My-Parish and encourage all groups and individuals who are working on projects to get in touch. For an example, please see Don White’s forthcoming pages on his Invisible Saint’s project.

General FAQs

What happens when I forget my password?

If you forget or have lost your password, click here to request a new one.

Why am I having trouble logging in?

All My-Parish passwords are case sensitive. Make sure that you are entering the correct details. If you are unable to log in with the correct details, there may be a conflict between your My-Parish account and another WordPress account you have. You may need to log out of all other WordPress accounts to access My-Parish. Alternatively, by browsing without cookies, through an InPrivate or Incognito mode (on Internet Explorer or Chrome respectively), WordPress conflicts can be avoided.

How do I contact the administrators?

You can message the administrator here, or alternatively email us.

How to ask a research question?

Research questions can be posed in a number of places. If you would like to solicit responses from all members of the site, the My-Parish forums are a great place to start. Should you wish to contact another member directly, click on their username to be taken to their profile, where you then have the option to send a public or a private message. Should you wish to contact one of the My-Parish team, send us an email or alternatively message the My-Parish administrator.

Where can I get information on funding for my parish based project?

Head over to our funding page (coming soon) to see some case studies of parish groups who have been successful in gaining funding, and to view a list of bodies that fund parish related research.

How can I get involved with My-Parish?

We are always looking for more members of the My-Parish team. If you would like to be a part of developing and running the site in a creative, administrative, technical or other capacity, we would love to hear from you – so send us an email!

Profile FAQs

How do I edit my profile?

To edit your profile, hover the mouse over your username in the top right of the screen. A link to edit your profile is then displayed.

Who can view my profile?

Your profile is visible to anyone, however access to each of the profile fields can be  modified so that only My-Parish users or your own My-Parish friends may view them.

What does adding another user as a ‘Friend’ mean?

Adding another user as a ‘friend’ enables you to keep up with their activity on My-Parish more easily. Their profile will be added to the ‘My Friends’ tab on the members page, helping you to find them quickly and easily. You must also be ‘friends’ with another user in order to invite them to join a group that you have created.

How do I start a new group?

To start a new group, click on the ‘Groups’ tab on the menu bar. There is then an option to ‘Create a Group’. This takes you to the a four-step process in which you can name and describe the group, change its settings, upload an image to serve as an avatar, and finally invite friends to join.

Search FAQ

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  1. How do I edit a post? One of the links I have used is not working.

    • Hi Paula,
      If you go to the post you would like to edit, there should be an ‘Edit’ button on the grey WordPress ribbon that runs across the top of the page. Clicking this will take you to the edit screen.
      Let me know if this doesn’t work.
      best wishes,

  2. Thanks, John, I’ve just checked and can see the Edit feature now. With all good wishes – Paula

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