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Welcome to My-Parish

My-Parish is an online community and resource for everyone interested in  parishes, from the Middle Ages to the modern day and in Britain, continental Europe and the Americas.  Maintained by the Warwick Network for Parish Research, this is an open space to exchange ideas, showcase research, debut initiatives and events, solicit collaborations and find advice and source materials on parish history, art, heritage and culture. Whether you are a student seeking guidance, a senior academic or museum professional promoting a new project, a private researcher who wants to connect with like-minded enthusiasts, a member of a local heritage group looking to preserve the traditions of his or her community, etc., there is a place for you at My-Parish.

To register for My-Parish, please e-mail

indicating your desired username and email address.

What’s involved?

When you join the My-Parish community, you will be asked to create a profile of ‘Your Parish’. This consists of a handful of basic questions (many of them multiple-choice) about what brought you to My-Parish and the aspects of parish history, art, heritage and culture that interest you most. After that, you can tell us as much or as little about your interests as you like – yes, you will have plenty of space to upload links and images and other media. This profile will help you search for and connect with other My-Parish members who share your interests or can answer your questions/offer advice, and vice versa. You will also be able to participate in the forum, post to the news and events pages and access and contribute to a variety of community resources: an extensive bibliography of printed primary and secondary works in various languages, digital sourcesresearch guides, an index of parish-related sites and institutions/organizations, selected texts,  video archives, other media and weblinks. There is no cost to join, and registration may be done individually or as a group.

Coming soon

From time to time, My-Parish will host and provide technical support for independent, web-based projects. So stay tuned to the news and ‘projects’ section of the research pages for exciting and original parish research.  If you have a project that you would like to see on My-Parish, please contact the administrators right away because opportunities are limited.

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